Online Processing Gateways

Accept payments from both in-person and online through your e-commerce stores with our online gateway processing solutions. Manage all transactions from a single, convenient dashboard for all locations, wherever they may be.

Online Payment Gateways - BNG Payments

Why Use an Online Payment Processing Gateway?

An online processing gateway is a system that transmits secure credit, debit, and ACH information across the Internet from the merchant to their credit card processing company. Online processing gateways are used for many different applications.

  • A Virtual terminal used to key enter mail/phone transactions
  • Integration with E-commerce websites
  • Integration with retail swipe software
  • Integrated into custom software packages
  • Integration with phone apps

Gather Multiple Payments Through An Online Gateway

Keep track of all transactions and reconcile them with ease. Our online gateway integrates with a variety of payment processing tools. From multiple website shopping cards, mobile retail swipe software, all transactions are tracked and reconciled through the same gateway. Businesses can track purchases from their website compared to physical locations in real-time, making reporting a breeze and convenient.

Recommended Online Processing Gateways

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See Our Online Processing Gateway

Every business has unique processing needs, but we’re confident we can meet yours. Our team of payment experts will sit down and review your current rates and see how we can save you money.