Payment Processing Solutions

BNG Payments is a directly registered ISO/MSP and able to offer competitive rates and fees to our merchants. No matter your business size or industry type, we can help you find the perfect payment processing solution. Our team is 100% local to the U.S and skilled in helping businesses across all industries.

B2B And B2C Payment Processing Solutions

We provide processing for all types of merchants, such as retail, restaurants, hotels, service companies, wireless merchants, mail order, phone order, wholesale, e-commerce, and specialty businesses. Accepting all types of payments is simple and affordable with our flexible processing solutions.

Credit Card Processing - BNG Payments

Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit and debit cards has never been easier. We work with a large network of processing companies to find the right solution for every type of business, all while offering world-class support.

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BNG Payment Gateway

BNG Payment Gateway

The BNG Payment Gateway can be used in almost any type of business, by utilizing BNG Swipe Software, with integrations into third party software applications and e-commerce shopping carts.

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Mobile Payments - iProcess Solution

Mobile Processing

A simple, fast, and powerful mobile payment application for Apple® IOS and Android devices to process credit cards anywhere in the world. The perfect solution for payments on the go!

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Point-of-Sale Software - BNG Payments

Point-of-Sale Software

Whether you’re in retail or a restaurant, we have a point of sale systems for you. Our solutions make it easy to track inventory, monitor voided orders, and handle credit card and cash transactions.

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Online Payments

Our online bill pay and electronic invoicing options make it easy for your customers to pay you anytime and anywhere. See a decrease in your time to get paid from weeks to days.

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PCI Compliance - BNG Payments

PCI Compliance

We are dedicated to helping merchants protect their customers’ information. We help ensure our customers are taking payments securely and following The PCI Data Security Standard.

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EMV - BNG Payments

EMV Processing

EMV chips use a much stronger authentication method than traditional magnetic-stripe cards, which makes it more difficult to counterfeit than when used in a face-to-face “swiped” transaction.

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Gift & Loyalty Cards - BNG Payments

Gift / Loyalty Cards

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? BNG can help you implement a gift card program that will not only make you more money but will promote your brand recognition.

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See If ACH Payments And Electronic Checks Are Right For You

 Not sure which solution is the best for your business? Contact our team of payment processing experts and they can see if either electronic checks or ACH payments are for you.